Harbor Free Zone Curaçao companies

CompanyTel (599-9)E MailActivity
AARGEE FREE ZONE N.V.462-1414 /; aargee.fz@gmail.comElectronics, Household articles, Perfumes, Toys, Baby clothing, Sport Items, Bed linens.
ACTIVE FREEZONE N.V.465-1502 /;;;Clothing, Household items, Shoes, leatherwear, Perfumes.
BATEX FREE ZONE N.V.747-1112 / 747-1132 /;; kendall.sille@yahoo.comTobacco, Alcoholic Beverages, Wines, Candy.
BHONGO FREE ZONE N.V.465-6823 / 465-6847 / 465-6876 /;;; joseph@bhongo.comClothing, Toys, Shoes, Bags, Perfumes
CENTEREX FREE ZONE N.V.461-8735cimpex@cimpexinc.comTextile Prod., Household Art., Electronics.
CIMPEX (FREE ZONE) N.V.461-3611 / 461-3621cimpex@cimpexinc.comTextile, Footwear, Electronics.
COZZI (FREEZONE) N.V.465-7531cozzifz17@gmail.comClothing, Toys, Household art., Shoes.
DELTAGEN FREE ZONE (N.A.) N.V.737-6166 / 737-6411jaap.curacao@deltagenbiop.comRaw Materials foodstuffs.
ENSONS FREE ZONE N.V.465-1944 / 465-1945 /; kbalani@hotmail.comjewelry, Electronics, Leatherwear, Optical Art.
G & V FREE ZONE N.V.767-2588shipping@ccs.cwWarehouse Co.
GANESH N.V.461-3265 / 461-5249 /; ganeshfz@yahoo.comClothing, Cosmetics, Embroidered Prod., Electronics.
GEORGINO INTERNATIONAL N.V.461-8206 /; mahesh_alwani@yahoo.comClothing, Household Art., Shoes, Linen.
GINA FREE ZONE N.V.462-6733 / 461-0672ginanvcuracao@gmail.comHousehold art., Kitchen art. Flowers, toiletries, Electronics, Furniture.
GLAMOUR TRADING N.V.461-3265 / 461-5249 / 461-6234 /; ganeshfz@yahoo.comHousehold art., Toys, Time pieces, Shoes.
GITANJALI FREE ZONE N.V.461-6634 /;;; mariela@gitanjali-freezone.comClothing, Toys, Travelling Requisites, Excise goods.
GLOBUS FREEZONE N.V.461-3265 / 461-5249 / 461-6234 /; ganeshfz@yahoo.comMen’s, Ladies and Children’s garments.
HAIG’S INTERNAT4IONAL N.V.465-2788 /;; sentiaperretgentil@hotmail.comjewelry
HARE KRSNA FREE ZONE N.V.465-9751 / 465-9750harekrsnafreezone@gmail.comClothing, Electronics, jewelry, Gift items, Leatherwear, Luggage, Photographic Art., Toys, Cosmetics.
HERMANOS CARIBI (FREE ZONE); hermanoscaribi@gmail.comElectronics, Excise goods.
IN STYLE (FREE ZONE) N.V.465-9052 /;; shivasnv@yahoo.comClothing, Shoes, Toys.
INDO CARIBBEAN ENTERPR ISES;; shri@boolchand.comElectronics, Cosmetics.
INDO RAMA FREE ZONE N.V.465-0232mpjintl@mpjintl.comElectronics, Household prod., Gifts, jewelry.
ISHVARA FREE ZONE;; sales@ishvara168.comClothing, Shoes, Household art., Accessories, Bags.
JMD INTERNATIONAL (FREE ZONE) B.V.690-7263 / 671-8030 /; sureshmpj@gmail.comClothing, electronics, household articles, shoes, cosmetic’s, perfumes
JUWILSHER (FREE ZONE); sherwin@atami-engineering.comPlant Extracts, Medicines.
LA PALESTINA FREE ZONE;; jai@lapal.comClothing, Shoes, Textile.
LATINSTAR TRADING CO. N.V.461-2465moises@kia.cwCigarettes, Toiletries, Clothing, Food supplements, Furniture.
LITANI FREE ZONE; litanicur@gmail.comShoes, Electronics, Excise Goods.
M.P.J. INTERNATIONAL FREE ZONE N.V.461-8997mpjintl@mpjintl.comElectronics, Photographic & Household Art., Toys.
METRO FREE ZONE N.V.461-3836 /; accts@metrofreezone.comShoes, Clothing, Electronics, Furniture, Watches.
MILANO MODA (FREE ZONE);; fashionamir@hotmail.comClothing, Shoes Bags, Accessories.
MONTANA FREE ZONE N.V.465-1598montanazl10@yahoo.comTextile, Electronics, Cosmetics.
MONTREAL FREE ZONE N.V.461-9070kamaalr@yahoo.comCar Parts, Clothing, jewelers, Toys, Electronics, Food Items, Toiletries.
MULTITEX (IMPORT EXPORT) N.V.461-9585 / 461-9151multitex@hotmail.comElectronics, Air conditioners, Computers, Toiletries.
MY UNCLE’S FASHION CENTER N.V.461-0240hammoudnizar@hotmail.comClothing, Toys, Sundry items, Gifts, Household art.
NIDAL FREE ZONE N.V.461-7756 /; nidalfreezone.nv@gmail.comClothing, Toys, Shoes, Electronics.
NOBLE’S FREE ZONE N.V.462-1022noblesfreezone@msn.comClothing, Toys, Gift Art, Excise Goods.
OAK LAND IMPORT FREE ZONE N.V.747-2288 /523-4949 / 523-1010akea.curacao@hotmail.comFurniture, Carpets, Curtains, Bedsheets, Household Items, Electronics.
OM SAI (FREE ZONE); omsaifreezone@gmail.comWholesale, import, export & trade of clothing and other textiles.
PACIFIC FREE ZONE N.V.465-1944 / 465-1945 /; kbalani@hotmail.comHousehold art., Toys, time pieces, footwear, clothing.
PALAIS CARIBI COMPANY (FREE ZONE) N.V.465-7011sham@palaiscaribi.comSport Articles.
PALAIS HINDU FREE ZONE TRADING;; rajiv@phcur.comReadymade Garments, Textiles, Shoes, Luggage & Sundry items.
PENHA INTERNATIONAL TRADING FREEZONE; apparel, footwear, textiles, glass wear, gift items, household items, jewelry, bijouterie and novelties, cosmetics and body care products, perfumes.
PHOENICIAN TRADERS N.V.888-0689 / 888-0000senorbarata2003@yahoo.comShoes, Beverages, Souvenirs, textiles, leather ware.
PICCADILLY PLAZA INTERNATIONAL;; altasmodas9@gmail.comLadies, Men’s, Children’s Clothing, Leather Accessories.
PLONGEUR MARINE FREEZONE;; manager@plongeurm.comShip brokerage, ship chandelling
PRO STAR DUTY FREE & LOGISTICS ECONOMIC ZONE B.V.511-9046irving_irausquin@hotmail.comCigarettes, Tobacco, Alcoholic Beverages.
R. GOPALDAS & SONS;; babasfz17@hotmail.comLeatherwear, Electronics, Stationary.
RAMAYANA N.V.461-6692 / 461-6804ramayanacur@gmail.comCosmetics, Excise Goods, Electronics.
REBOUND N.V.461-8330 / 461-8331reboundnv@gmail.comSportswear, Shoes, Bags.
REGENCY FREE ZONE N.V.461-0184regncy@hotmail.comClothing, Leather, Shoes, Cosmetics, Electronics, Perfumes and Cosmetics.
ROUNDTEX FREEZONE N.V.461-9946info@roundtex.comToys, Foodstuffs, Footwear, Glassware.
RUMKUM N.V.461-6308info@rumkum.comClothing, Jewelry, Gift Art.
SHIVAS FREEZONE N.V.465-9052 /; manish@shivaszonalibre.comReadymade Garments, Textiles, Shoes, Luggage & Sundry items.
SONA FREE ZONE;; mahesh.sfz@gmail.comClothing, Film Apparatus, Electronics.
STEELO N.V. (D.B.A. PARAMOUNT)461-6120 / 461-6316steelonv2@hotmail.comClothing, Embroidered Prod.
UNIVERSAL BRANDS N.V.465-1122 / 465-0511 / 465-1123irving_irausquin@hotmail.comCigarettes, Tobacco, Alcoholic Beverages.
VIDHATA FREE ZONE N.V.461-6934vidhatanv@gmail.comClothing, Shoes, Leatherwear, Household Apparatus.
VIRGINIA FREE ZONE N.V.461-6160 / 461-5438virginiafreezone@gmail.comTextile, Electronics, Cosmetics.

Airport Free Zone Curaçao companies

CompanyTel (599-9)E MailActivity
ACK CYPRESS GLOBAL E-ZONE B.V.521-9773 / 520-3990ackcypressglobal@gmail.comMaterials and services, souvenirs and articles, books and stationeries, shoes and clothing, cosmetics,
AIRPAC BUKOM OILFIELD SERVICES (CURAÇAO) N.V.868-2599 /;;Industrial Machines.
ALL TRADE FREE ZONE;, spa products, equipments for gyms, clubs, spa & Health centers.
ATEQ FREEZONE B.V.735-2310 /;;;  Accessories for oil tanks.
BIBAZ WHOLESALE (FRBIBAZ WHOLESALE (FREEZONE); jbracelli@hotmai.comCarparts, toys, shoes, clothing, gift items, household items, Clothing.
BIOADVICE (ECONOMIC ZONE) N.V.670-3179 / 670-3173lily.faas@medipluscur.comBio-cosmetics, vitamins, Medical products.
CAMCUR (FREE ZONE); management@cambridgeweightplan.comDiet Products.
CARIBBEAN CIGARS CORPORATION N.V.833-9345 / 833-9346 / 833-9347 /;;; rpbazar@caribbeancigars.netCuban Cigars, accessories for smokers.
CARIBBEAN FASHION CENTRE N.V.737-1285ciemmac@hotmail.comLadies clothing, furniture, Sundry Items.
CARIBBEAN INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL N.V.00597-845-0549 /;;; lloyd@a1strategicsolutions.comMedical & paramedical articles.
CARIBBEAN TRADING CORPORATION (CTC), ctc@ctcindustry.comSwimwear, Beachwear, Resort Apparel, Clothing, Accessories
CASINO DATA SOLUTIONS; simon@cadaso.comElectronic Components, Hardware & Software products.
CHERICS ECONOMIC ZONE B.V.cherylzwen@gmail.comWedding event products and assessories
CORPMED;;  managerassistant@corpmed.netMedical products.
CORPORACION SAFIRO; ganddglobal01@gmail.comJewelry.
CURAÇAO PRECIOUS METALS & CO., FREE ZONE N.V.833-9129;Precious metals
FARMAPLUS N.V.833-9133 /; erika@farmaplus.bizPharmaceuticals, Medicines, Diet articles, Cosmetics and Vitamins.
FERNANDES (FREE ZONE) N.V.00-597-471-313 ext. 1117j.bracelly@fernandesconcern;; Car parts, Toys, Sundry items, Shoes, gift items
INTER CARLIN IMPORT & EXPORT N.V.737-2010 /; nixon@onixnv.comShoes, Clothing, Textiles, Sundry items.
INTERPRESENT CARIBBEAN N.V.00-297-583-6675 / 510-0025interpresent@setarnet.awAdvertising Materials
IRCOMEX ECONOMIC ZONE N.V.297 594 4934thamara@inmeublesaruba.comFood, beverage, Furniture,
JADE (FREE ZONE) B.V.682-8534carellopez@gmail.comCarparts, Toys, shoes, Cosmetic, Jewelry, Paper products, Camera’s, watches, Alcohol.
KEYSTONE INTERNATIONAL TRADING FREE ZONE B.V.738-9915 / 670-9266cristel@magnustrust.comClothing, Footwear, Textiles, Household items.
LA ZAHAV (FREEZONE); Jewellery, Gold & Precious metals.
MAGIC STARS (FREE ZONE) B.V.681-3224 / 516-2426orlevis56@gmail.comClothing, perfumes, textiles, cosmetics, gift items.
MANDALA N.V.698-5520 / 0058-414-351-1275 /; eliasswaked@hotmail.comWatches, Jewellery, Electronics.
MEDIPLUS (ECONOMIC ZONE); coraline.maduro@medipluscur.comMedical Products.
PAORO INTERNATIONAL FREE ZONE B.V.0058-416-666-5175 / 0058-416-666-5179 /; ; jenny@paorocorp.comPrecious metals, Jewellery, Gold.
PHARMACEUTICAL WAREHOUSING INC.833-9224 /;;  erna.bekaert@pwi.cwPharmaceutical Products, Cosmetics, Diet articles.
POWER MANAGEMENT & CONTROL SYSTEMS N.V.833-9365 / 833-9359ekoots@pmcsnv.comPower management systems.
PROVHOTEL CARIBBEAN N.V.833-9270 /; admin@provhotel.comHotel Products.
RALF MED INTERNATIONAL (FREEZONE) B.V.833-9460 /;; a.schoonewolff@ralfmed.comMedical Supplies.
SLIM TECH FREE ZONE N.V.515-5775slellouch@yahoo.comCosmetics & beauty products.
SVF INTERNATIONAL; All kinds of machinery, equipment and spare parts for planes, ships and heavy equipments.
TECHNOLOGY & ENGINEERING SCIENCE FREE ZONE (T.E.S.);;; neyla.diaz@caribbean-lab-supplies.comPharmaceutical Prod.
TMG FREEZONE;; yperez@tmg-nv.comConstruction & Industrial equipment
VMSC CURAZAO; mapostel@vmsccurazao.comConstruction & Industrial equipment.